The Collection

The “Appassimento” is an ancient farming technique, probably born before the first winemaking and vine training of the Vitis Vinifera. It consists to leave the grape on the plant beyond the full maturation to let it loses water, concentring sugar and acid in order to make the grape stronger in case of a longer storage. This technique reaches Apulia, and in the area of Salento somebody understands that, pressing raisins, it gets a richer and more concentrated must, from which a more robust wine, durable and long-lived, very important features for trading at that time.

For this reason the Appassimento technique gets place in the tradition, and that is why, by a careful selection of Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes, Femar produced Gran Appasso: full-bodied wine, satisfying and long-lived, which celebrates tradition of this great land. Recently has been produced the “Gran Appasso Edizione”, made from a selection of the best grape from old vineyards of Primitivo, a powerful wine and witness of the production area.