This brand embraces a line of wines produced in different areas of the region of Apulia. It has become one of the most representative brand of Femar thanks to its winning packaging, its versatility at the table and the pleasantness of drinking. Although the brand is born with the intent of representing Apulia in its most modern form, Gran Appasso Rosso Aged in Oak, ottenuto da uve leggermente appassite, recovers an ancient farming technique, probably prior to the first vinification and farming methods of Vitis Vinifera. It consists to leave the grape on the plant beyond the full maturation to let it loses water, concentrating sugar and acid in order to make the grape stronger in case of a longer storage.
This technique reaches Apulia, and in the area of Salento somebody understands that, pressing raisins, it gets a richer and more concentrated must, from which a more robust wine, durable and long-lived, very important features for trading at that time. For this reason this wine gets place in the tradition, and that is why, Femar produced Gran Appasso Rosso Aged in Oak: a full-bodied wine, satisfying and long-lived, which celebrates tradition of this great land.
After the success of that, other wines have been introduced that have contributed to the completion of the range: the Gran Appasso Collezione, produced from a sorting of the best grapes of Primitivo, a powerful and structured wine witnessing the production area; the Gran Appasso Rosé, expression of elegance and persuasion; the Gran Appasso Chardonnay-Fiano, made from the same grapes. Then the Grand Appasso Primitivo Appassimento, new top of the range and leader of a brand now synonymous with quality, tradition and innovation, and the Gran Appasso Susumaniello, another sample of the apulian tradition.